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Volunteer Programme

Required: 400 $      Raised: 500 $

We welcome volunteers from all over the world these can be technical volunteers, group volunteers or interns. These are usually short term mainly between 1-12 months. Group volunteers are encouraged to volunteer on a specific project.

We attach our volunteers to host families, take them through a social cultural orientation and avail team support for a fruitful stay with us. For your welfare, we request you to contribute 56 $ each week.

Volunteers are can initiate a project within our scope of work though they are encouraged to carry out research to so as to have a community sustainable intervention.

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Health Program

Required: 400 $      Raised: 200 $

Our health programs are addressing Health related challenges in a holistic way to support respective governments to ensure a sustainable health solution and a productive healthy community.
OVAAT empowers Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Village Health Teams (VHTs) to assist families in making informed healthcare decisions and adopting beneficial home healthcare practices. OVAAT’s services address needs and deficiencies as identified by the communities themselves. Utilizing locally-based volunteers has allowed OVAAT programs to change attitudes and behaviors within target communities on a long-term basis, in a low-cost method that ensures sustainability.
Community-based healthcare is the cornerstone of successful implementation of the health system. Its success depends on community participation and their cooperation with our health...

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Education Programme

Required: 400 $      Raised: 200 $

We aim to develop autonomy, mastery and purpose within individuals at all levels of education systems, through government system learning partnerships.
Our holistic educational approach supports governments to achieve national and international commitments in education.
Our approach will be to adopt one village at a time. The idea is to improve education for the poorest by focusing on improving the learning environment in schools in the adopted village. To do so, we will choose only “ready” villages. “Ready villages” must fulfill the following criteria:
1. The village has a school(s)
2. 2. The village members accept to own the initiative by agreeing to send and support children to go to school, making financial and other contributions, have a village education committee(s), regularly organise meetings to...

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Get Involved
Three Ways to Make a Difference.

If you would like to make a donation to One Village At a Time (OVAAT), or are looking for more information about where to send your fundraising, you can find all the information you need right here. If your question is not answered, contact us.


Be A Strategic Partner

Partnership is at the heart of One village at a time initiative. We regard partnership as a long-term relationship where the focus is not on a specific project but rather on maximising mutual learning and effectiveness.

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Be A Volunteer

We welcome volunteers from all over the world these can be technical volunteers, group volunteers or interns. These are usually short term mainly between 1-12 months. Group volunteers are encouraged to volunteer on a specific project.

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Latest Projects
Our Recent Activities.

Agriculture & Livestock

We develop value chains for smallholder farmers by combining capacity building and extension services, and link them to markets to sustain the results. Our extension service providers (community agriculture and livestock promoters)Read More...
By : ovt_admin | Dec 29, 2014

Internship Programme

Our highly competitive internship program enables students to make contributions to OVAAT through learning, collaboration, and diversity. OVAAT interns benefit personally, academically, and professionally through the mentorship and networking opportunities that serveRead More...
By : ovt_admin | Feb 2, 2014

Youth Resource Centre

It provides services ranging from in-school health education lessons to individual patient referrals for specialised adolescent sexual and reproductive health services. We create and provide safe spaces for girls aged 11-21, especiallyRead More...
By : ovt_admin | Jan 15, 2014

Adolescent Clinic

Adolescent Clinic commits to enhancing the quality of teens’ lives by improving adolescent health with dedicated service to our community through outstanding clinical care, and innovative research in the field of adolescentRead More...
By : ovt_admin | Jan 15, 2014

Menstrual Health Programming

In 2015, Government together with its partners signed a charter committing to promote menstrual Health management. In the same year, the Ministry of Education and Sports issued out a circular to allRead More...
By : ovt_admin | Jan 15, 2014

Peer 2 Peer

Doing it well takes experience, ingenuity and a stubborn insistence that tomorrow’s work must be better than today’s. We take a promising new way of powering a village in Uganda and adaptRead More...
By : ovt_admin | Jan 15, 2014

Our contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

In 2015, for the first time representatives from all layers of society came together to align behind a shared vision of how a better world should look, and put together an actionRead More...
By : ovt_admin | Dec 31, 2013
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One Village at a time Uganda Chapter (OVAAT) is a registered NGO in Uganda and it's Government is by individuals who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of people globally starting with one village at a time...Read More

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