Our Model

Our Development Model

  • Charity will not develop anyone but markets will.
  • The world of push should not exist here
  • We want to development defined broadly where households have food, income, are healthier, literate-basic knowledge on family planning, disease prevention, sanitation etc., clean (Where members survive, thrive, and can be transformed)
  • Generalised models can’t work because leave out lagands (poor reach, who needs more help with a context specific approach.
  • We need to focus on risk household that needs more help with a context specific approach.
  • We still need a community approach that provide a solution to the main problems of the community (No initiative-use sugarcane model, No land-What can be done on a small piece of land and No market
  • Our idea is to have a village that works together to develop itself one at a time and spreads into total development
  • We want a village where all participate actively in this development (others support, welcome, facilitate etc.) on principle condition.
  • We want a village where members meet and dialogue a facilitator to discuss issues of importance for the holistic transformation
  • We need a community which takes Girls empowerment (with basic knowledge on family planning, disease control, family planning, negotiation for sex or can postpone sex, income and market) as + critical issue
  • We need a village which is able to take advantage of low hanging fruits
  • We need to start with ready villages (with at least a school, health facility, technical school, water, Roads, prayer places and local leaders)
  • Our intervention must promote fundamentals for success and sustainability
  • We aim to transform a village into a university hosting Centre where practicum, internship, research and university volunteers get access to practically translate classroom theories into reality. The hosting model will take care of Ethical approval, Visas, accommodation

how will our model change LIVES?

• It’s holistic

Problems at village level are multi sectoral, and no issue or solution stands alone. We work through five development pillars that provide “big picture” solutions that support and amplify each other.

• Its community led

Members in the villages/ communities participate and take ownership of the programs and projects that create lasting change. Working in tandem with their local government, cultural/religious leaders, they devote time and resources to the initiative.

• It builds capacity

We support community members develop the skills, strategies and infrastructure to take charge of their future and maintain long-term change.
We conduct Field based training targeting increasing social capital were also conducted during the project period. These included training in; basic mind-set and life style transformation, introduction to children’s rights and protection, pioneering spirit , roles of gender mainstreaming in community development, the role of Patriotism and Social Ideology in Community development, Gender Equality & Prevention of Gender Based Violence in model villages, Entrepreneurship and Marketable Skills training for Youth, women and Leadership roles for community development and formation of farmer cooperatives and dynamics of group behaviour.

All these contributed to increasing awareness and building community synergies.
It connects communities. We connect donating partners in developed countries with communities overseas to build relationships that inspire change worldwide.
• It’s transparent. We ensure integrity and transparency in all we do.
• It’s sustainable. Our Objective is to reach a point within five years where our rural communities don’t need our support any more