Local Partners

Our Local Partnership

Partnership is at the heart of One village at a time initiative. We regard partnership as a long-term relationship where the focus is not on a specific project but rather on maximising mutual learning and effectiveness. The Partnership model is part of the overall program strategy, ensuring that right from the start of the Project we address sustainability aspects. OVAAT also continuously maps out implementing partners within the districts of implementation. The district local governments are the major partners in the respective districts. The partnerships between OVAAT and the district local governments will be governed by the MOUs that will be signed upon award of the grant and their commitment expressed in the letters of reference written by the respective Chief Administrative Officers

Local Government-Luuka District

OVAAT program model complements the work of Luuka by promoting the work of community structures. We train, supervise, Motivate, and work with these community structures to promote primary health care.

Brown School in WASH U

We host practicum students every summer

Ministry of Health in Uganda

For guidance and technical support in the field of Health

Makerere University School of public Health

Our partnership with School of public Health has allowed us build our research arm

International livestock Institute-Uganda

ILRI’s mission is to improve food and nutritional security and to reduce poverty in developing countries through research for efficient, safe and sustainable use of livestock—ensuring better lives through livestock.