Internship Programme

our internship opportunities allow students and recent graduates to gain direct experience in one of our key program areas— Education, Adolescents health, Livelihood, family planning, maternal and child health, or health systems strengthening—as well as in cross-cutting technical areas and program development. We supplement these valuable learning opportunities with frequent interaction across all departments through seminars, workshops, brown bag presentations, working meetings, and formal mentor-ship.

Our highly competitive internship program enables students to make contributions to OVAAT through learning, collaboration, and diversity. OVAAT interns benefit personally, academically, and professionally through the mentorship and networking opportunities that serve as the foundation of our internship program.

OVAAT supports capacity building through internship in the course of mentorship and coaching. We welcome international and local students for a life changing experience in a community oriented service organisation. For placements, interested individuals should write to for advance booking to secure their places – there are limited places allocated for training in certain Departments and sections per year depending the organisations capacity to support students access guidance and gain practical experience. Note: Only for international students; a little fee is charged to cater for the students’ welfare while on internship.


Students and researchers intending to carry out research with OVAAT, should submit their proposals and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) number to the Executive Director’s Office. Once the processes involved are accomplished, then the parties involved will comfortably carry out the Research with the organisation.